Polski Angielski
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 Package size 100 g or 500 g.






E026 Agar Bacteriological- Powder      
ERM301 Agar Powder Extra Pure      
ERM459 Agar Powder Ultra Pure (acc. Noble and Tonney)      
ER002 Beef Extract      
ER008 Bile Salts Certified      
ER009 Bile Salts Mixture Certified (100 g)      
ER021 Bio Peptone Certified      
ERM188 Brain Heart Infusion Powder      
ER013 Casein Acid Hydrolysate Certified      
ERM189 Casein Acid Hydrolysate Certified      
ER014 Casein Enzyme Hydrolysate (Tryptone)      
ERM4902 Casein Peptone Soya Meat      
ERM3875 Casein Yeast Peptone      
ERM2580 Fish Peptone      
ERM020 Gelatin Peptone      
ERM191 Heart Infusion Powder      
ERM1239 Horse Serum      
ER012 Lactalbumin Hydrolysate Certified      
ERM326 Liver Extract Powder      
ERM023 Liver Hydrolysate      
ER004 Malt Extract      
ER003 Meat Extract Powder      
RM635 Meat Peptone      
RM1049 Meat Peptone Type P (pepsin digested)      
RM1050 Meat Peptone Type T (trypsin digested)      
CR006 Mycological Peptone Certified      
ERM621 Ox Bile Bacteriological      
ER010 Ox Bile Dried Certified      
ER001 Peptone Bacteriological      
ERM275 Peptonized Milk      
ER005 Proteose Peptone      
ERM280 Protose      
ERM154 Sodium Biselenite (100 g)      
ERM202 Sodium Cholate (100 g)      
ERM131 Sodium Deoxycholate (100 g)      
ERM708 Sodium Tauroglycocholate      
ER007 Soya Peptone      
ER015 Special Peptone Certified      
ER014 Tryptone      
ER030 Tryptose      
ERM194 Yeast Autolysate      
ERM025 Yeast Extract (Paste)      
ER027 Yeast Extract Powder      

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