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Chromogenic culture media are recommended for isolation and differentiation of pathogenic micro-organisms by colony colors.

This technology is based on soluble colourless molecules (called chromogens), composed of a substrate (targeting a specific enzymatic activity) and a chromophore.

When the target organism’s enzyme cleaves the colourless chromogenic conjugate, the chromophore is released.
In its unconjugated form, the chromophore exhibits its distinctive colour and, due to reduced solubility, forms a precipitate.
With this technique, colonies of specific microorganisms can be recognized by their colour at a glance, the result is very specific
and distinctive.


CHROMagar® Candida CHROMagar® Orientation CHROMagar® Strep B








03386/P CHROMagar® Acinetobacter      
03389/P CHROMagar® B.cereus      
03400/P CHROMagar® Candida      
03383/P CHROMagar® C. difficile      
03414/P CHROMagar® E.Coli      
03390/P CHROMagar® E.Coli O157      
03417/P CHROMagar® E.sakazakii      
03415/P CHROMagar® ECC      
03395/P CHROMagar® ESBL      
03432/P CHROMagar® Identification Listeria      
03396/P CHROMagar® KPC      
03430/P CHROMagar® Listeria      
03402/P CHROMagar® Malassezia      
03384/P CHROMagar® Mastitis      
03408/P CHROMagar® MH Orientation      
03405/P CHROMagar® MRSA      
03410/P CHROMagar® Orientation      
03382/P CHROMagar® Pseudomonas      
03420/P CHROMagar® Salmonella      
03422/P CHROMagar® Salmonella Plus      
03425/P CHROMagar® Staph aureus      
03385/P CHROMagar® Strep B      
03380/P CHROMagar® VRE      
03394/P CHROMagar® Y.enterocolitica      
03388/P Chromogenic Bacillus Medium NEW!      
03401/P Chromogenic Candida Medium      
03391/P Chromogenic E. Coli O157 Medium      
03441/P Chromogenic E. Faecium Medium      
03416/P Chromogenic ECC Medium      
03421/P Chromogenic Salmonella Medium      
03411/P Chromogenic Streptococci Medium      
03409/P Chromogenic UTI Medium      


Two-sections Petri dishes 90 mm

400/400/P CHROMagar® Candida/CHROMagar® Candida      
395/396/P CHROMagar® ESBL/CHROMagar® KPC      
395/380/P CHROMagar® ESBL/CHROMagar® VRE      
395/410/P CHROMagar® ESBL/CHROMagar® Orientation      
430/385/P CHROMagar® Listeria/CHROMagar® Strep B      
420/390/P CHROMagar® Salmonella/CHROMagar® E.coli O157      
420/420/P CHROMagar® Salmonella/CHROMagar® Salmonella      
420/060/P CHROMagar® Salmonella/Hektoen Enteric Agar      
405/425/P CHROMagar® MRSA/CHROMagar® Staph      
380/396/P CHROMagar® VRE/CHROMagar® KPC      
401/401/P Chromogenic Candida/Chromogenic Candida      
191/410/P Columbia CNA + 5% BS/CHROMagar® Orientation      
191/409/P Columbia CNA + 5% BS/Chromogenic UTI      
190/410/P Columbia + 5% BS/CHROMagar® Orientation      
230/400/P Sabouraud/CHROMagar® Candida      
232/400/P Sabouraud+Ch+G/CHROMagar® Candida      


Three-sections Petri dishes 90 mm

441/441/441/P Chromogenic E. Faecium Medium/Chromogenic E. Faecium Medium/Chromogenic E. Faecium Medium      

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