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Prepared media are manufactured in our production facility, equipped with modern production lines.

Each lot of prepared media is tested with control strains for growth and (when required) for inhibition. Lot that meets all  standards  receive The Quality Control Certificate.

Our Quality System is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

The culture media meet the standards of  Directive 98/79/CE (1998/10/27) related to medical devices for in vitro diagnostic use.





Technical info



454/T 0,85% NaCl      
001/T 0,90% NaCl      
071/T Acetamide Broth NEW!      
007/T Alcaline Peptone Water NEW!      
007A/T Alcaline Peptone Water (10 X) NEW!      
464/T Bile salts      
305/T Biochemical Identification – Arabinose Agar NEW!      
295/T Biochemical Identification – Dulcitol Agar NEW!      
296/T Biochemical Identification – Mannitol Agar      
304/T Biochemical Identification – Ramnose Agar NEW!      
297/T Biochemical Identification – Sorbitol      
282/T Biochemical Identification – Xylose Agar NEW!      
022/T Brain Heart Infusion Broth      
359/T Brilliant Green Bile Broth 2% NEW!      
107/T Broth + 1 % Glucose NEW!      
069/T Brucella Broth + VIT.K1      
040/T Buffered Peptone Water      
080/T Chocolate Agar + PolyVitex      
122/T Christensena Agar with Citrate      
120/T Christensens Agar      
402/T CHROMagar Malassezia NEW!      
385/T CHROMagar Strep B NEW!      
455/T Demineralized water, steril NEW!      
228/T DTA Dermatophyte Test Agar      
462/T EDTA 0,5 M      
011/T EMB Agar      
109/T Enrichment Agar NEW!      
108/T Enrichment Broth      
075/T Enterococcosel Agar      
468/T Eugon Broth NEW!      
041/T Fraser Broth      
229/T Fungisel      
042/T Half-Fraser Broth      
113/T Kligler Iron Agar      
126/T Lactose Gelatin Medium NEW!      
125/T Lauryl Tryptose Mannitol Broth + Tryptophan NEW!      
249/T LB Broth NEW!      
216/T Legionella Enrichment Broth      
016/T MacConkey Broth      
245/T Malonate Broth      
050/T Mannitol Salt Agar      
031/T Medium acc. Hugh Leifsona NEW!      
121/T Medium acc. Christensen - Hormaech and Munil modification      
300/T Medium acc. Falkow Control      
303/T Medium acc. Falkow with Arginin      
302/T Medium acc. Falkow with Lysine      
301/T Medium acc. Falkow with Ornithine      
293/T Medium with 10% Lactose, under parafin      
317/T Medium with Glucose NEW!      
188/T Medium with Lactose and Bromocresol purple NEW!      
188A/T Medium with Lactose and Bromocresol purple (double strenght) NEW!      
291/T Medium with Phenylalanine      
119/T MIU Medium (for motility, Indole and Urease detection)      
294/T Motility Medium (for Enterobacteriaceae motility detection)      
123/T Motility Nitrate Medium NEW!      
288/T Motility PP Medium (for Enterococci motility detection)      
294R/T Motility with colour reaction (for Enterobacteriaceae motility detection)      
243/T MRS Broth NEW!      
289/T MRVP Medium      
169/T Mueller Hinton Broth      
044/T Mueller Kaufmann Broth + Novobiocin      
290/T Nitrate Broth      
168/T Nutrient Agar      
163/T Nutrient Agar (pH 7,0) NEW!      
165/T Nutrient Agar w. glucose NEW!      
005/T Nutrient Agar for bacterial strains vitality preservation      
167/T Nutrient Broth      
039/T Peptone Water      
047/T Peptone Water + Lactose NEW!      
461/T Phenylboronic acid      
010/T Plain Agar      
010A/T Plain Agar (Ph=8,5) NEW!      
009/T Plain Broth      
004/T Plain Broth (pH=9,6) NEW!      
008/T Pneumococcal Preservation Broth      
451/T Potassium tellurite 1 % NEW!      
SQ1/T RambaQUICK Salmonella Broth      
043/T Rappaport Vasiliadis Broth      
234/T Sabouraud Agar + Ch + Actidione      
232/T Sabouraud Agar + Ch + G      
231/T Sabouraud Agar + Chloramphenicol      
239/T Sabouraud Broth + Ch + G NEW!      
230/T Sabouraud Dextrose Agar      
233/T Sabouraud Dextrose Broth      
237/T Sabouraud Dextrose Broth + CH      
445/T Saline solution with Peptone      
199/T Schaedler Broth + Vit. K3      
198/T Schaedler Broth + Vit. K3 + 0,02% Agar      
197/T Schaedler Broth + Vit. K3 + 0,2% Agar      
036/T Selenite Cystine Broth      
037/T Selenite F Broth      
112/T Simmons Citrate Agar      
325/T Slanetz-Bartley Agar NEW!      
038/T Thioglycollate Broth      
265/T Todd Hewitt Broth      
266/T Todd Hewitt Broth + Antibiotics      
267/T Todd Hewitt Broth + G + NA      
255/T Trichomedium      
365/T Triple Sugar Iron agar (TSI) NEW!      
180/T Trypcase Soy Agr (w/o BS)      
179/T Trypcase Soy Broth      
178/T Tryptone Soya Broth +20% Glicerol NEW!      
182/T Tryptone Soya Yeast Extract Agar (TSYEA)      
183/T Tryptone Soya Yeast Extract Broth (TSYEB)      
117/T Tryptone Water (for Indole test)      
118/T Urea Indole Medium      



153/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium for Niacin test (without MG)      
152/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + Glycerol + PACT      
151/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + Ofloxacin 5mg/l      
150/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + Ofloxacin 2,5mg/l      
149/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + Rifampicin 80mg/l      
148/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + Rifampicin 40mg/l      
147/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + Ethambutol 4mg/l      
146/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + Ethambutol 2mg/l      
145/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + Isoniazid 0,4mg/l      
144/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + Isoniazid 0,2mg/l      
143/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + Streptomyciin 8mg/l      
142/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + Streptomyciin 4mg/l      
141/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + MG without Glycerol      
140/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + MG + Glycerol      
139/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + MG + Glycerol + P      
138/T Lowenstein - Jensen Medium + MG + Glycerol + TCH      
137/T Stonebrink Medium 9 ml (MG + P)      
135/T Stonebrinka podłoże (ZM + PACT)      

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